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"I am a very simple person, and I am not really great with technology, and so if I can use it, a simple girl from Hawaii, then anyone else can use it."
Dr. Sasha Taroma

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"zHealth has changed the way our practice used to work. Our productivity has increased, no-show rate has decreased, and we love its text reminder feature."
Dr. Ronda Marshall
"What we really love about zHealth is the adaptability, customization and ease of use. zHealth speeds up every process and we have grown our revenue so much."
Dr. Simon DC
"The team is always ready to work with me everytime. As a chiropractor, acupuncturist and nutritionist, zHealth is the only software that has fulfilled all my practice needs."
Dr. Zhao S., DC
"zHealth speeds up every process and we have grown our revenue so much."
Dr. Ronda Marshall
"Excellent! And great service. Ease of scheduling, appointment reminders, and the application of payments, can use software remotely also. That's excellent!"
Dr. Scott P, DC
"zHealth allows me to run my practice without having any front desk staff. I love how I don't have to type my notes, I can just dictate"
Dr. Rabbonni T.
"zHealth has greatly improved our efficiency and allowed us to feel "up to date" now with options and features that our older software did not provide."
Dr. David M
"zHealth really saves me time in running my practice. It allows my patients to book their own appointments, as well as sends text and email reminders."
Dr. Simon Forster
"The self check-in has decreased the immediate need for a Front Desk "
Dr. Jermaine Ware
"I can complete a soap note and invoice and send off the bill to insurance in less than a minute."
Dr. Laurie Wonnell
"I love that the software is malleable to our specific needs. I also love that this is a web-based system. It's so much more convenient and user friendly."
Vanessa M
"When researching software I was mostly concerned about price and training. This software is a great value and offers everything I need"
Michael N
"I have saved a significant amount of money from the previous EHR system. zHealth has been wonderful for my business!"
Dr. Michael Pridham
"zHealth is very simple and intuitive to use. It did not take much time for me to learn how to use the system. It is also customizable in almost every way you can imagine. "
Ernest K
"zHealth is a very user-friendly software and it is easy to navigate. The notes features added into the patient invoices is a really great feature to relay information to other team members."

Kelsey M

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