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It All Started With Why!

Sukhi spent over 22 years building software for healthcare and retail industries. He designed one of the first automated claims processing software for Aetna in 2004. He automated deliveries for billions of dollars worth of pharmacy orders for McKesson in 2007 and automated enrollment and claims intake for Blue Shield of California in 2010. Having spent many years in healthcare technology, Sukhi thought he knew enough about the healthcare industry. But all of that changed when he walked into a chiropractor's office in Hayward, California.

At that time, Sukhi was toying with an idea to provide a commerce platform for MDs. While conducting market research, he accidentally walked into a chiropractor's office. Having never been to a chiropractor before, Sukhi noticed the stark difference between how the chiropractor conducted business as compared to a medical doctor. Everything in the chiropractor office was manual from appointment booking to customers signing in on a paper sign-in sheet to providing paper receipts. Even something like sharing a copy of an exercise plan with customers was manual and time consuming. The provider had no easy or automated way to communicate with her customers.

Sukhi spent the next 6 months visiting over 250 wellness providers throughout California and realized that majority of the wellness businesses were operating in very similar ways. He recognized that there was a huge gap in access to technology for wellness providers. Although a lot of other healthcare companies had adopted digital, the needs of the wellness providers had for the most part been ignored.

On the other hand, the needs and expectations of consumers were changing rapidly. Consumers expect digital services at the push of a button, become impatient if getting a receipt takes more than 5 seconds, and expect access to care anywhere.

Sukhi teamed up with some of the best minds in Silicon Valley to build a software that would enable wellness providers to digitize their businesses, enhance customer experience and enable them to serve customers anywhere. The goal was to ensure that wellness providers get access to the same cutting-edge technology that is available to other industries like retail or banking. This was the birth of zHealth.

Since then, zHealth has been working on a future where seamless technology enables the provider to serve their customers anywhere and build a marketplace where consumers and providers can interact at a more human level and receive personalized care.

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zHealth Software CEO, Talks about the future of EHR and Practice Management Software

zHealth Software is built on the principle of providing automation intelligence to wellness providers to help them streamline everyday tasks for the entire.
Sukhi Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of zHealth

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