We built programs for self driving cars

We developed a Ride Share System before ridesharing applications were popular

Now we have developed the next generation of Practice Management Software for Chiropractors

Best Chiropractic Software

Dictate SOAP notes

Complete SOAP Notes by inbuilt Speech Recognition. You can choose to simply dictate your SOAP Note and the system automatically converts it to text in real time. There is no configuration required.

Easy to use chiropractic software

Automate Patient Scheduling and Check-in

Provide your patients the ability to book their appointment from your website by looking up your available time slots. Reduce no-shows with automatic appointment reminders. Allow patients to check-in from home or at your frnt desk using a tablet.

Improve Online Reputation

Attract more patients by improving your online reputation and visibility. Make it easy for patients to find you on search engines, and increase your online reviews to help increase patient confidence.

How zHealth EHR works

zHealthEHR enables chiropractors to attract and convert more patients, improve the patient experience, and saves time for chiropractors by using cutting edge technology to automate recurring things.

What our customers say

Chiropractic Software comparison

The team is always ready to work with me with my individual needs. As a chiropractor, acupuncturist and nutritionist, zHealth EHR is the only one that fulfilled all my practice needs. I love the voice dictation feature!

Dr. Zhao Su
- Hayward, CA
Chiropractic EHR

zHealth EHR allows me to run my practice without having any front desk staff. Patients schedule appointments directly from my website, they receive automatic reminders, and they check themselves in. I love how I don't have to type anything.

Dr. Rabbonni Tacusalme
- San Francisco, CA
Practice Management Software for Chiropractors

I love how zHealth allows me to run my practice by focussing on the patients and not spend my time sitting in front of a computer. I also love their features for building online reputation.

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