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To provide every wellness pracitioner the next generation of practice management software which is customizable for their treatment needs.

About Us
At zHealthEHR we all come to work every day because we care about wellness practitioners and we look forward to answering all their questions. Why can't there be an EHR practice management software that is cloud based with voice to text integration? Nobody wants to type anymore and develop carpel tunnel. Will a company ever come up with a price plan that is affordable with no hidden costs/fees? Can I have an all in one software that''s customizable to the way I treat patients? Can I customize my intake forms and SOAP notes? Wait a minute you offer billing services too and unlimited text/email reminders in your price plans at one low monthly price?

Are you sure there aren't any hidden fees not even for customer support? SOAP notes in less than 30 seconds! really no way! Well the answer to all your questions is YES,YES,YES AND more YES! We offer the most affordable, comprehensive and user friendly health & wellness practice management software on the planet.

You asked for it and our TEAM delivered it, because we heard your concerns and complaints. Now you can feel confident in knowing the best practice management software is just a few clicks away. So what are you waiting for, sign up for zHealthEHR now and join our growing number of happy wellness practices across the country.

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