Adjustment 15
15 mins

New Patient - Chiropractic (60 MIn)
60 mins  . $ 50.00

This is where we get to meet you and see how we can provide the best care possible. We will perform a complimentary benefits check to see if you have any chiropractic coverage with your health insurance. We will then take you through our full neurological and functional examination to help find the root cause of your health concerns. The Dr may suggest getting some x-ray imaging to provide more information and a more conclusive summary of your current spinal health status. Finally, we will schedule you for your follow-up visit where we will discuss our best recommendations and plan for getting you back to your best self!
New Patient - SoftWave
30 mins  . $ 50.00

During your initial Softwave appointment, Dr. Arnold will sit down with you to discuss your current concern and determine if you will be a good candidate for our Softwave technology. After your consultation, you will be able to experience the amazing effects during your "mapping" treatment where we will determine where on your body there are damaged tissues, inflammation, and any other problems. The total for the first SoftWave appointment is $100 and a $50 deposit is due upon scheduling, the remaining will be due when you arrive at the office.

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