New Patient
60 mins

A new patient exam is required to start chiropractic treatment. It is an important time to let me know how I can help you. Here I will listen to all your health history and concerns. A quick review of systems is given to ensure there are no serious underlying pathology. Then we'll progress to the chiropractic exam. Your joint range of motion, strength and neurological function will be tested. The exam findings and a suitable customized treatment plan will be discussed followed by any questions and the treatment that fits your needs.
Chiro Adjustment
15 mins

A chiropractic adjustment consists of a manual, hands on joint manipulation to any and all of the subluxated joints in the body. Drop pieces and activators are instruments that can be used to assist mobilize a joint during this service
Chiro Treatment
30 mins

This service includes an adjustment if desired, but mostly focuses on the muscular system. This treatment loosens tight stiff muscles using a deep soft tissue mobilization technique. It corrects faulty biomechanics by stretching overused muscles and education on strengthening the problematic antagonist muscles to bring balance and pain relief to the neuromusculoskeletal system. Techniques used to stretch these overworked muscles include post isometric relaxation, pin and stretch method, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and cupping.
30 mins

The biomat is a full body mat that is lined with amethyst crystals, agate plates, and red light therapy. It radiates pulsed electromagnetic wave frequency (PEMF), far infrared light therapy, and soothing heat. PEMF enhances the body?s natural recovery process and helps you recover from an injury faster. It corrects cellular dysfunction throughout the body, and reduces inflammation and pain. Patients have reported greater energy and increased athletic performance from PEMF. Far infrared light combined with heat mobilizes toxins from deep tissues and fat and removes them threw sweat. It has been shown to improve circulation and eliminate minor soreness and discomfort so it's a great tool to use in conjunction with a chiropractic adjustment or treatment. The negative ions produced by the crystals are known to reduce free radicals and support the immune system.
CST 60
60 mins

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands on treatment that works on balancing the craniosacral rhythm.
CST 15
15 mins

15 minute craniosacral therapy session
CST 30
30 mins

CST 90
90 mins

Intensive therapy

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